• Image of Twisted Visions LP

"Twisted Visions" LP, released through Last Ride Records (AUS) and Grim Reality Records (EU). Listen now at https://illnaturedhc.bandcamp.com

Ill Natured's debut full length "Twisted Visions" is a wicked inferno of demonic proportions. Following 2015's "Depths of Despair" 7", Ill Natured return once more with 10 songs of cavernous barbarity. "Twisted Visions" was recorded and mixed by Elliott Gallart of Chameleon Sound, mastered by Arthur Rizk of Solomon's Gate, and album artwork was provided by Paolo Girardi.

Pressing information:

Beer (100) (Last Ride Records exclusive)
Black (200)
Blue swirl (100) (Grim Reality Records exclusive)

Track listing:

1. Crawl
2. Seal Your Fate
3. The Hammer
4. Faced With Death
5. Unholy Desire
6. Twisted Visions
7. The Web
8. Buried
9. Beneath The Smoke
10. Skeletons

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